Office Services

Our Office Services

At the heart of all we do in our Catholic Archdiocesan education system are the needs of our students.

As part of its overall Strategic Plan to address student and school needs, the Catholic Schools Office has an organizational structure to coordinate the delivery of services to schools. Each group is responsible for carrying out particular functions relevant to their respective areas.

This structure consists of the following services:

Stratcom’s Office
Provides strategic Policy and advisory support to the Education office and School administration
Education Secretary’s Office
Provides support to the Education Secretary (Director) in the strategic direction of the system.
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Moral Lessons & Spirituality
Offers support for those involved in the teaching of Moral Instructions.
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Teaching & Learning
Leads schools in policy development and resourcing.
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Financial Services
Supports the financial, administrative and technological needs of schools.
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Employee Services
Recruitment and selection of Principals and other leadership staff.
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