Catholic Schools Council

The Archdiocese of Onitsha Catholic Schools Council (CSC) was formed in 2007 to “… explore to discern and provide advice and recommendations to the Archbishop of Onitsha for the purpose of providing the best possible Catholic education for students”. All final decisions remain with the Archbishop.

The Council’s responsibility encompasses all areas related to the  nature and purpose of Catholic schools. In a variation from past practice, membership of the CSC is no longer formed on a “representative” basis. Members are now sourced from the wider Catholic community, and all appointments are dependent on the broad spectrum of expertise and experience those individuals will bring to the Council.


Three ex-officio members – Archbishop, the Vice Chancellor Pastoral Ministries and the Director of Catholic Schools – join the nine Council members.

Meetings are held frequently in a year and members are additionally involved in Working Parties and Standing Committees which align with their particular skills/expertise.


The Vision Statement of the CSC includes the phrase “formed and informed by the faith community”. It facilitates this communication with stakeholders in Catholic school education, CSC members engage in written and personal consultation with Clergy, Religious, Parents, senior Students and those in leadership roles in the schools, as well as the Independent Education Union.

The maximum term for CSC members is six years, and a planned rotation is in place to facilitate continuity.


Vision Statement

The Archdiocese of Onitsha Catholic Schools Council, formed and informed by the Faith Community, proclaims the liberating message of the Good News through a renewed Catholic Schools system.

Values and Beliefs

We value:

  • A life ethic based on the Gospel command to love one another
  • Authentic Catholicity
  • True witness
  • Education and learning

We believe in:

  • The dignity of the human Person
  • The individual’s right to reach their potential

We believe that:

  • The Gospel informs our direction and growth
  • Faith is nurtured in community
  • Schools are active participants in an evangelizing church.

Current Members

  • Rev. Fr.Dr. Prudentus Emeka Aroh
  • Rev.Fr. Prof. Nicholas Akwanya
  • Rev.Fr. Dr. Paschal Onwugbenu
  • Rev. Fr. Micheal Esotu
  • Rev.Fr. Simeon Amauche
  • Msgr. Nathaniel C. Obiagba
  • Rev.Fr. Benignus Oguejiofor
  • Rev. Fr. Nicholas Okosa
  • Rev.Fr. J.J.C Akunne
  • Rev.Fr. Prof. J.O Oguejiofor
  • Rev.Fr. Onyeka Muobike
  • Rev. Fr. George Okpara
  • Rev. Sr. Mary Mildred Umeh
  • Barr. Demian Okolo
  • Lady Clara Onyido