Child Protection

Child Protection

The Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha has an absolute and abiding commitment to promote the safety, welfare and well being of all children, particularly those who participate in the life of the Archdiocese as part of our faith communities in parishes, a student in our a Archdiocesan systemic schools or as part of our community services through Catholic Care.


  • Supporting Archdiocesan leaders and local leadership teams in schools, parishes and Catholic Care programs to promote child protection through:
    • Providing professional advice on issues relating to child protection,
    • Supporting local services in developing ‘child safe’ practices,
    • Promoting the inclusion of ‘child safe’ practices in new/emerging Archdiocesan programs, and
    • Promoting role clarity, supervision and professional development for Archdiocesan personnel
    • Recording volunteer declarations for all Archdiocesan volunteers and processing working with children background checks for all preferred applicants for child related employment in the Chancery, parishes and Catholic Care as well as applicants to be authorized carers
  • Child protection education and awareness for Archdiocesan personnel and community members
  • Development of Archdiocesan wide and local policies and procedures
  • Supporting individual employees with identified, elevated risk factors.


  • Conducting internal investigations and overseeing external investigations of Archdiocesan personnel who are alleged to have committed abuse against children
  • Conducting professional standard investigations and supporting Archdiocesan leaders in areas such as the resolution of conflicts and the review of the way Archdiocesan services operate
  • Assisting investigations conducted by external authorities, including Police and Community Services
  • Risk management of Archdiocesan personnel who are alleged to have committed abuse against children.