Prayer and Liturgy

The first ‘hope and aspiration’ of the Catholic Schools Office Vision Statement is that our schools will:

Be centered on the person of Jesus and grounded in the Scriptures, in the teachings, traditions of faith and prayer in the Catholic Church and the witness of its past and present saints and scholars”.

Therefore, the challenge for Catholic schools is:

to create and build communities where all members strive to centre their lives upon the person and message of Jesus Christ”.

To this end, schools and the CSO itself focus on and celebrate prayer and liturgy in tune with the Church’s liturgical/seasonal cycle. Other celebrations, prayers and liturgies specific to the needs/traditions of the school (and CSO) are also acknowledged, e.g. sickness/death of students, parents and staff; and the charism of individual school communities.


Three major Diocesan liturgies are celebrated each year at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton:

Catholic Schools Week Mass
This service celebrates our Catholic School system with particular reference to our Diocese.

Special Needs Mass
The Special Needs Mass acknowledges the place of students with special needs in our schools and all who work in this area.

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