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Withmany years of experience we’ll ensure you always get the best education.

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Welcome to Onitsha Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Website

For more than 180 years we have proudly provided Catholic schooling in the Archdiocese.  More than 200 000 students are enrolled in our 258 schools, providing an education that is founded on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed to us in the Gospel.  We are an integral part of the Catholic Church, and as such, we aim to foster in young people an abiding faith, characterized by a God who loves, forgives and animates all that we do.

Our dedicated staff are committed to providing an excellent education that caters to the academic needs and personal interests of students as well as nurturing their special gifts.

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The Catholic School

Our Catholic schools offer students the opportunity to learn and develop in an atmosphere

Our Focus

Service to Schools, Leadership in Learning
Justice for All
…together in Christ

Mission & Vision

To attain an amazing educational excellence, positively enhancing ideals for academic, spiritual and moral progress, through relevant and best learning practices that transform goals, strengthen commitment, transform and confirm learning to enhance results.


Our Schools

You can view all our schools that are spread out in various regions of the Onitsha Archdiocese, Click below

Our Values

  • Justice & Equity
  • Quality & Excellence
  • Professionalism

TST Mission

TST Basilica ICT Center is poised to create enabling environment and standard needed to guide and plunge Students into the world of E-Learning. This is the modern educational process that has proven to be most reliable and educative.